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Emancipate Yourself from Chemical Slavery

with Al-Khemi Antidotes®

If you struggle with synthetic chemical dependency or other addictions, use the wisdom of ancient Egypt.  Our proprietary addiction remedies (over 80), are based on the 4,000-year-old science of Bio-Energetics that not only stop your cravings but allow you to become a brand new you.  

What Are Addiction Antidotes?
Every disorder or disease in nature has an opposite called an antidote, even what are commonly called addictions.  Our Addiction Antidotes are liquid formulae that harness the power of Bio-Energetics of natural herbs and proprietary affirmation in a purified, distilled water medium.

There are no chemicals at all to be concerned with, just liquid energy.  With our proprietary formulas, there are also no side effects.  Get relief from over 80 different addictions.

• Chemicals
• Co-Dependency
• Alcohol
• Fear & Love
• Recreational Drugs
• Cigarettes



Idol, Addiction Antidotes in Philadelphia, PA

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