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Fears & Phobias Antidotes

Despite what we have been told concerning fears & phobias, it is incorrect!  "It's all in your mind ...," "It's only your imagination ..."  Few realize that we are multi-dimensional beings — we exist on more than one level, simultaneously. 

We are body, mind & spirit; therefore, in order for a true healing to occur, it must be holistic, otherwise, there will be no lasting help.  Our Fears & Phobias Al-Khemi Antidotes® work on the subtle energy level.  They by-pass the conscious reasoning mind which the ancients called the Ba mind.  The Ba mind is the gatekeeper (so-to-speak) which only polarizes all mental action.  It truly only respects the bigger bully.

The Seven Minds Or Consciousness

Akh:  Roughly translated as the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.  In reality, it is the basic human be-ing and operates independently of the other consciousness.  The Akh consciousness can attune itself to any living thing; animal, vegetable or mineral and glean information from it.  That is how the ancients knew the medicinal properties of the plant kingdom.

Ka:  Deals with higher thought, music, beauty and nobility of thought and deed.  The Ka is part of the Nafa (soul).

Ba:  Polarized mental thought and action.

Nafa:  The human soul — everything has a spiritual essence, but not all things (or people) have a soul.

Ku:  The spiritual consciousness which relates only to the spiritual essence of all else.

Ab:  Humanity's will and motive.  Roughly translated as the heart.  The Ab is a transfer station for all physical action and thought.

ATON Consciousness:  The source of the creative aspect within humanity and all creation.  The "God-principle."


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