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Martial Arts Antidotes

Martial Arts (The Art of War).  When you examine the phrase, it's really quite simple — there is an art, a science to war.  Admittedly, the Martial Arts aren't for everyone but what we've done with the idea is made it simple — just take three (3) sprays twice (2) daily and you'll gain knowledge and ability without the years of effort normally required.  Our Martial Arts Al-Khemi Antidotes® have not made us very popular among some Martial Artists who wanted to keep the information secret, while other practitioners have enthusiastically supported our endeavors.  We don't recall asking permission.

We have created over 150 subjects in our Martial Arts library.  We have created many of the better (and lesser) known styles in addition to subjects such as:

• Iron Vest

• Chi Power

• Close Quarter Combat

• Dim Mak

• Hawaiian Lua

• US Navy Seal Mindset

• Samurai Personality

• Ranger Unit Operations

• Stone Warrior

• Street Fighting

• Shooting Skills/Marksmanship

• Maiming Your Enemy

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