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Without spiritual connection and spiritual protection, we are nothing.
Nana Okomfo Adwoa Tongo Afo

Al-Khemi Antidotes® is the only company to create an extensive variety of self-improvement modalities in so many unique categories.  Our Psychic & Spiritual section is unrivaled.  Unlike most of our self-improvement sprays, the Psychic & Spiritual are more difficult to qualify.  If you desire enlightenment, understand that enlightenment (as most psycho-spiritual goals) is normally achieved by degrees.

We state this because I'm sure there's someone who will purchase one bottle of the Enlightenment spray and wonder why they cannot meditate like Buddha.  It may take weeks, months, or even years to effectively develop precognition, auric sight, or astral projection.  If you are focused and diligent, ultimately you will achieve your goal.  We stand behind each bottle that we manufacture and will guide and advise you along the way.  We are only a telephone call away.

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