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If you feel that this section is less than spiritual, understand that money is made by humans, bestowed by the Divine.  Since humanity is a spiritually created entity, wealth is essentially spiritual as well.  Most of us have been incorrectly programmed or hard-wired for poverty.  Such misquotes such as, "Money is the root of all evil ..."  When the correct quote is, "The LOVE of money is the root of all evil."  If we understand the definition of love which is, "To place the needs and concerns of another thing above the self," we then begin to understand how wealth and success have their spiritual place as well.  The only difference between a millionaire's mind and the majority of us is our thinking.  If you think it's fundamentally evil to possess wealth and success, that's fine — we have other subject matter for you.  If you believe you've been a tool for the wealth and success of others, don't you feel it's time to receive your success as well?  

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